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19 Days | November 4 - November 23 2023 

The stunning tapestry of India will enthral and delight even the most experienced of travellers.

We will explore and see the unexpected, we will meet fantastic locals and immerse ourselves in the culture.

 DELHI | AGRA ( Taj Mahal ) | JAIPUR ( The Pink City ) | MANDAWA ( Painted Havelis ) | PUSHKAR

( Markets ) | JODHPUR ( The Blue City ) | RAVLA KHEMPUR ( The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel )  | UDAIPUR ( The Venice of India )  | BUNDI ( Captivating ) | RANTHABORE ( Tigers ) 

| ALWAR ( Old city) |



India is a destination that delights and unfolds itself as we explore it. Therefore there will be many more things that we see and do on this tour than what is in the Itinerary.It surprises and delights at every turn. 

Lots of opportunity to see and experience different food, customs and shop for Indian treasures.


Rosemary A , NSW

"I cannot recommend Mary's tour more highly...there was never a dull moment but with free time to rest up. Mary's energy and enthusiasm drove the tour, there were a great group of ladies to travel with, all of whom were as eager to see India as I was, and it was a fantastic and wonderful tour.  I am so thrilled to bits I was able to be on the ride. "


DAY 1: SATURDAY - November 4



Welcome to India, our tour begins in Delhi.

On arrival, depending on flight arrival time we can explore Delhi and get to know the rest of the group as we share this adventure, that will enthrall and delight even the most experienced of travellers.


Included: Private transfer from the airport to hotel/Orientation/Accommodation /Tour Escort

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments, and items of a personal nature.

DAY 2: SUNDAY - November 5



Here we go! Today we travel in our private vehicle to Agra, the home of the famous Taj Mahal, enjoying the sights and sounds of India on the way .


Included: Breakfast/ Private transfer with our private vehicle and driver/ Orientation/Accommodation/Tour Escort

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments, and items of a personal nature. 

DAY 3: MONDAY - November 6



Today we visit one of the wonders of the world, we will set off early to see the Taj Mahal come to life, a memorable experience.

Time to explore this extraordinary structure and its gardens & surrounds, after which we will have breakfast on the rooftop of a very authentic Indian hotel, with the best views of the Taj Mahal in town.

Join me after breakfast, for a walk around the market and town area of ‘Taj Ganj’ the busy, authentic historic area of Agra.

Later in the day we will take a tour through the world heritage listed ‘Agra Fort’ followed by a visit to the exquisite Mini Taj Mahal, known as the ‘Jewel Box. ‘

We will also make a visit today to ‘Sheroes Café’ a special place run by brave women, all of whom are survivors of acid attacks.


Included: Breakfast overlooking the Taj Mahal/ Private transfers with private vehicle & driver to the Red Fort and Mini Taj Mahal and other sights in Agra/Entrance tickets to the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort/Tuk Tuk ride from Taj Mahal to Hotel/ Tour Escort/ Refreshments at ' Sheroes cafe.'

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments other that at Sheroes Cafe and items of a personal nature.


DAY 4: TUESDAY - November 7



Today we will be travelling to Jaipur, the Pink City, with our private vehicle and driver, stopping at places of interest along the way.

As we approach Jaipur, we will visit the village of Albineri and the famous Chand Baori step well.

Jaipur is the colorful capital of Rajasthan. Marvel at the crowded streets packed with cars, camels, elephants, rickshaws and tuk tuks.


Included: Breakfast / Private transfers with personal vehicle & drivers from Ranthambore to Jaipur, enjoying the sights along the way/Entrance Chand Baori Step well/Accommodation/ Tour Escort

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments, and items of a personal nature.


DAY 5: WEDNESDAY - November 8



Today we are exploring the magical city Pink City of Jaipur.  We will have a great photo opportunity of the Hawa Mahal, (Palace of the winds) and the Old Pink City.

First stop an opportunity to taste the best 'Lassi' in India, at the famous Lassi shop.

Followed by a memorable visit to the stunning Amber Fort, where we take jeeps to take us up to the entrance from the carpark!

A visit to the famous ‘Blue Pottery’ of Jaipur is a must in Jaipur, after which we ask you, the tour participants, what you would like to look at Textiles? Rugs? Gemstones? Antiques? There are amazing things everywhere!


Included:  Breakfast / Private tour of the sights of Jaipur with personal vehicle & driver/Entrance Amber Fort/Jeep ride up to Amber Fort from car park/Accommodation/ Tour Escort.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments, and items of a personal nature.


DAY 6: THURSDAY- November 9



This morning we travel to Mandawa, which is located in the Shekhawati region, in the northern part of Rajasthan. Enroute we will visit Dundlod Fort, an opportunity to see how the Indian Nobles lived. 

A region known as an ‘Open Air Gallery', with forts, palaces and ornate traditional merchant houses known as Havelis, which are often decorated with colourful frescoes. Mandawa ,encapsulates all of this and we will take an evening stroll though this captivating town.


Included:  Breakfast / Transfer from Jaipur to Mandawa with our private vehicle and driver, enjoying the sights along the way/Haveli walking tour /Entrance Dudlod Fort /Accommodation/ Tour Escort.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments, and items of a personal nature.


DAY 7: FRIDAY- November 10



This morning we will continue our exploration of Mandawa and its Havelis, exploring back streets and markets. We will have the afternoon free to further explore or rest.

We can organise someone to come to the hotel and henna your hands if you would like.


Included:  Breakfast /Morning walking tour /Accommodation/ Tour Escort.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments, and items of a personal nature.

DAY 8: SATURDAY - November 11



This morning we will farewell Mandawa and drive once more through beautiful Rajasthan to Pushkar, a holy town in the state of Rajasthan, famous for the Pushkar lake, various Ghats and temples spread all around the lake.

The markets in Pushkar are literally dripping with gorgeous things, this is a terrific place to buy gifts or purchase  something unique and special for yourself, as a memory of India.


Included:  Breakfast / Transfer from Mandawa to Pushkar with our private vehicle and driver, enjoying the sights along the way/ Market orientation /Accommodation/ Tour Escort.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments and items of a personal nature.


DAY 9: SUNDAY - November 12



The word 'Pushkar' means lotus flower, which is said to be the seat of Brahma, it is often called "Tirth Raj” the king of pilgrimage sites.

Today we will have free, to explore the town and markets, if you love Silver Jewellery & Textiles,  this is a  great place to  shop.


Included:  Breakfast /Market orientation /Accommodation/ Tour Escort.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments and items of a personal nature.


DAY 10: MONDAY November 13 


This morning we travel in our private vehicle through Rajasthan to Jodhpur, which is also known as the Blue City, stopping along the way at points of interest. 

This evening we will all go on a ‘horse and carts' ride to explore the colourful lane ways, markets and   sights of Jodhpur, an unforgettable ride. 

We will eat dinner eat dinner in the shadow of the magnificently illuminated Mehrangarh Fort, which stands in a perpendicular cliff, 400 ft. above us.


Included:  Breakfast / Transfer from Pushkar to Jodhpur with our private vehicle and driver, enjoying the sights along the way /Horse and cart ride /Accommodation/ Tour Escort.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments and items of a personal nature.


DAY 11: TUESDAY November 14 



This morning a visit of the extraordinary Mehrangarh Fort and marvel at the lives of the Maharajahs. Considered as one of the most formidable and magnificent forts of Rajasthan, Mehrangarh fort was built by Rao Jodha in the year 1459.

On our way we will also visit Jaswant Thada, which was built by Maharajah Sardar Singh in 1899, in memory of his father and serves as a cremation ground for the royal Rajpur family of Marwar.

Markets, bazaars, alleyways, exploration and more. Later in the day we will visit the famous ‘Spice Girls' of Jodhpur and enjoy their knowledge of spices.


Included:  Breakfast / Private tour of the sights of Jodhpur with private vehicle and driver/ Entrance to Mehrangarh Fort & Jaswant Thada / Accommodation/Tour Escort

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments and items of a personal nature.


DAY 12: WEDNESDAY November 15



Today we travel through the heart of the remote and enchanting valley of the Arvallis, with its tiny villages and beautiful scenery. 

We will stop on route to visit the very special 'Om Banna' temple, one of the most fascinating and unusual temples in India.

We will be staying tonight at 'Ravla Khempur’ home of the original Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and where many scenes for the movie were shot.

Ravla Khempur, is also a stud for the world-famous Marwari horses.


Included:  Breakfast / Transfer from Jodhpur to Ravla Kemphur with private vehicle and driver / Visit to Om Banna Temple /Accommodation/Tour Escort

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments and items of a personal nature

DAY 13: THURSDAY - November 16



Today we travel to Udaipur, referred to as the "Venice of the East" and also known as the White City.

In the afternoon we will take Tuks tuks and visit the local spice market. Dinner this evening overlooking the mesmerizing Lake Picola, with the Lake Palace in full view.


Included:  Breakfast / Transfer from Ravla Khempur to Udaipur ,with our private vehicle and driver, enjoying the sights along the way /Tuk tuks to local spice  market/ Accommodation/ Tour Escort.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments and items of a personal nature.


DAY 14: FRIDAY - November 17



This morning we will visit the extraordinary City Palace, with magnificent aerial views of the surrounding area.

Today we will also take a boat ride on beautiful Lake Pichola.

This afternoon is free time to explore or rest.

More great silver and textiles for sale in this town!!


Included:  Breakfast / Entrance to City Palace / Boat ride on Lake Pichola / Accommodation/Tour Escort

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments and items of a personal nature.

DAY 15: SATURDAY - November 18



On our way north to Ranthambore ,we will be stopping the night in Bundi.

Bundi is like nowhere else in Rajasthan. Located in the south-eastern region, in a narrow valley within the Aravalli Hills like a small oasis.

Bundi is a captivating town, which is lined with Brahmin-blue houses, lakes, hills, bazaars and a temple at every turn.

We will take a walk around this enchanting town this evening before dinner.


Included:  Breakfast / Transfer Udaipur to Bundi  with private vehicle and driver/Orientation Bundi / Accommodation / Tour Escort.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments, and items of a personal nature.


DAY 16: SUNDAY - November 19


Today we will travel to Ranthambore National Park, home of the great Bengal Tiger, you will have both a morning and afternoon Canter Safari Tour of the park during our stay, and experience many other delights of nature.


Included:  Breakfast / Transfer Bundi to Ranthambore with private vehicle and driver/ Canter Safari/ Accommodation / Tour Escort.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments, and items of a personal nature.


DAY 17: MONDAY - November 20



Here we are in Ranthambore National Park, famous for its tigers and is one of the best locations in India to see the majestic predators in its natural habitat. It is one of the biggest and most renowned national parks in Northern India. Being considered as one of the famous and former hunting grounds of the Maharajas of Jaipur, today the Ranthambore National Park terrain is major wildlife tourist attraction.


Included:  Breakfast / Canter Safari /Accommodation/ Tour Escort.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments, and items of a personal nature.

DAY 18: TUESDAY - November 21



Our stepping - stone from Ranthambore to Delhi is Alwar, one of the oldest cities in Rajasthan. Alwar is famous for its majestic fort and its delicious milk cake.

The journey of the city of Alwar and its origins can be traced back to 1500 BC. Nestled in the lap of the green hills of the Aravalli range, it is home to beautiful palaces and forts from an era long gone. 


Included:  Breakfast / Transfer Ranthambore to Alwar  with private vehicle and driver/Orientation Alwar / Accommodation / Tour Escort.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments, and items of a personal nature.


DAY 19: WEDNESDAY - November 22


Today we return to Delhi, where we will have time to relax and regroup for our flight home tomorrow.

An opportunity to share our experiences with each other as we share a final dinner before our departure in the morning.


Included:  Breakfast / Private transfer Alwar to Delhi  /Accommodation/Tour Escort

Not included: Lunch. dinner, refreshments and items of a personal nature.


DAY 20: THURSDAY – Nov 23



Our tour has come to an end, this morning transfer to Delhi International Airport where we will depart India and make our way home to Australia, with wonderful memories of India.

Included: Private transfer Hotel Delhi to Airport (with group) 

Not included: Breakfast, Lunch. dinner, refreshments, and items of a personal nature.

<img src “Holy man with beard, Varanasi India.jpg” alt=” holy man with beard and turban, holding up his had in Varanasi, India
<img src “Two ladies in Saris, India.jpg" alt=” Two ladies wearing brightly coloured Saris in the street, one carrying a parcel, India “/>
<img src “Taj Mahal, India .jpg" alt=” The Taj Mahal in Agra, a front view showing two lines of tress and a water feature, Agra, India “/>
 <img src “Painting of a Maharaja, India. jpg"alt=” Painting of a Maharaja, wearing striped clothing and sitting on a throne, India “/>
<img src “Moghul architecture Agra, India .jpg” alt=” Looking though a doorway at red stone Moghul architecture in Agra, India “/>
<img src “Ladies in Saris, Agra, India .jpg” alt=” Ladies in bright red and yellow coloured Saris and a boy in a striped T shirt looking away from the camera, “/>
<img src “Looking though a window, India . jpg” alt=”Looking though an intricate marble lattice work window in India “/>
<img src “Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, India .jpg” alt=” A front view of the Hawa Mahal palace in Jaipur India “/>
 <img src “ Lady with a red scarf, India .jpg” alt=” A  lady with a red scarf and nose ring sitting in front of baskets at a market in India “/>
 <img src “Three men wearing turbans, India.jpg” alt=” Three men facing away from the camera, wearing brightly coloured turbans, Rajasthan, India “/>
<img src “Rajasthani woman, herding sheep, India . jpg” alt=” Rajasthani woman , wearing a red scarf and a green skirt , brandishing a stick and herding sheep in Rajasthan, India “/>
<img src “Painted Haveli design, India.jpg” alt=” Details of a design painted on a havelis in Ramgarh, Rajasthan, India, of a man on a horse and a train carriage “/>
<img src “ Cut back trees , Mandawa, India .jpg” alt=” The shape of a heavily cut back tree, with the beautiful sunset in the background, in Mandawa, India “/>
<img src “Holy man giving blessing, India . jpg” alt=” Holy man with a long white beard, wearing an ochre-coloured turban and an orange shirt, giving a blessing, India “/>
<img src “Powder dyes, India . jpg” alt=” Large bowls of different coloured, powder dyes, for sale at a market in India “/>
<img src “Holy men, Varanasi, India .jpg” alt=” Three holy men with long beards and wearing orange clothing, hold up their hands in blessing in Varanasi, India “/>
<img src “Ladies carrying bowls of water on their head, India . jpg” alt=” Two ladies wearing red, walking along the road, carrying water in large metallic bowls on their heads, Rajasthan, India “/>
<img src “Poster of Hindu deity, India . jpg” alt=” White poster of a Hindu deity with black writing across the top and bottom, India “/>
<img src “Boys looking out of a bus window, India . jpg” alt=” Four happy boys, smiling and looking out of a bus window in India “/>
 <img src “Mother and child, India . jpg” alt=” Mother and child wearing traditional clothing, sitting on a step in Rajasthan, India “/>
<img src “ Young boy sorting flowers in the market, India . jpg” alt=” Young boy, wearing a white shirt and grey trousers, sits and sorts red rose petals in a blue plastic bowl, on a platform in a market, in Agra, India “/>
<img src “Sunset over beautiful buildings, India . jpg” alt=” Beautiful sunset over gorgeous white domes, in Udaipur, India “/>
 <img src “Arches, Amber Fort, India . jpg” alt=” Detail of cream coloured, Mogul designed arches, at the Amber Fort in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India “/>
<img src “Lake Palace hotel, Udaipur, India .jpg” alt=” View of the beautiful Lake Palace hotel, in Lake Picola, Udaipur, India with hills int eh background. “/>
 <img src “Rajasthani man minding goats, India .jpg” alt=” Rajasthani man wearing traditional clothing of white and wearing a traditional turban in red and carrying a big stick and minding the goats “/>
<img src “Tiger, Ranthambore, India . jpg” alt=” An image of the head of a tiger found in Ranthambore National Park, India “/>
<img src “Truck loaded with children and buckets, India” alt=” The back view of a big truck driving along the road filled with children and coloured plastic buckets “/>
 <img src “ Rajasthani man with white turban , India .jpg” alt=” Rajasthani man with a white traditional moustache and a white turban , also wearing a white shirt “/>
<img src “Three Seikh men wearing turbans, India . jpg” alt=” Three Seikh men wearing coloured turbans, with  their back facing the camera, Amritsar, India “/>
<img src “Rajasthani man riding a pushbike, India .jpg” alt=” A Rajasthani man wearing a traditional white outfit riding a bicycle, with his back to the camera, Rajasthan, India“/>
<img src “Poster of Hindu Goddess , India .jpg” alt=” Poster of Hindu Goddess with four arms, blue skin and skulls around her neck, India“/>


TWIN SHARE : $7,400 AUD (Airfares not included)

PRIVATE ROOM : $ 6,600 AUD (Airfares not included) 



25% Deposit within 7 days of booking.

50% of remaining amount due 120 days from departure.

Final balance due 90 days before departure.
Pay by direct deposit.

It is not possible to describe, or mention everything we will do and see on our Indian tours, as India offers up sights, sounds and experiences around every corner, that delight and inspire! 


  • To & from Delhi International aiprort.

  • To & from highlight destinations.

  • Delhi to Agra/Agra to Jaipur/Jaipur to Mandawa/Mandawa to Pushkar/Pushkar to Jodhpur/Jodhpur to Ravla Khempur/Ravla Kemphur to Udaipur/Udaipuir to Bundi/Bundi to Ranthambore/ Ranthambore to Alwar/Alwar to Delhi.

  • Taxi rides within the Itinerary.

  • Boat ride on Lake Picchola in Udaipur.

  • Various Tuk Tuks

  • Horse and cart adventure in Jodhpur

  • Jeep ride to Amber Fort, Jaipur.


  • Taj Mahal

  • Chand Baori -step well

  • The Red Fort -Agra

  • The Mini Taj Mahal- Agra

  • Painted Havelis - Mandawa

  • Jaswant Thada- Jodhpur

  • Mehrangarh Fort- Jodhpur

  • The Amber Fort- Jaipur

  •  City Palace Udaipur

  • Ravla Khempur ( Best Exotic Marigold hotel)/

  • Bagore Ki Haveli - Udaipur).

  • These maybe subject to change to due to scheduling issues. However, every effort will be made to go to these places. There are also many many other places we visit that have free entry !

  • We will explore and see the unexpected, we will meeting fantastic locals and immerse ourselves in the culture.

 All private transfers on our tours are within an air-conditioned vehicle driven by knowledgeable driver.

All private transfers and taxis are included in my tours when in conjunction with the group usage


19 nights accommodation in mid-range hotels, guesthouses and havelis, including breakfast.

The hotels are chosen because of their character, relevance to where we are & position. On this tour, our goal is to be as much a part of India as we can whilst there. This is not a 5 star tour, this is a cultural immersion tour. All rooms will be

air-conditioned and have your own bathroom & toilet.


Delhi  2 nights | Agra 2 nights | Jaipur 2 nights |  Mandawa 2 | Pushkar 2nights |

Jodhpur 2 nights | Ravla Kemphur 1night |  Udaipur 2nights | Bundi 1 night |  Ranthambore 1 night | Alwar 1 night 

Break fast is included every morning except the last morning in Delhi Nov 23,  where you will have to get your own breakfast at te Delhi Airport. 


Tipping is customary in India, All tips for our porters & local guides/drivers are covered in the cost of your tour.

However, we do not cover housekeeping or restaurant tips or for anything you have ordered or have done for yourself for personal reasons. Please keep in mind we are talking a very small  amount of money.

 However, most travellers like to to tip our personal driver and co-ordinator at the end of the tour. 


  • I  recommended ( where possible ), that you purchase the same flight as the rest of the tour, and I am happy to organise this for you. However, it is not necessary for this to be the case and you are more than welcome to organise your  own flights to make sure they coincide with the rest of the group,  or you may decide to use a completely different carrier or arrive and depart at a different date and then find your own way to meet up with the group in Delhi .  Should you choose this option please remember that you cannot be included in the Group transfers from the Airport in Delhi to our hotel.

  • We can discuss your options when you book into one of my tours.

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