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  • Lunch, Dinner, Refreshments, Snacks & Drinks unless stated in the Itinerary .

  • Airfares : To be purchased by you prior to the commencement of the tour. 

  • Entrance fees: to anything not mentioned in our official Itinerary.

  • Occasional optional evening theatre/festival visits and entrances : not detailed in the          inclusions list.

  • Incidental Expenses : Room service, minibar expenses, bar tab, all these expenses must  be settled by you prior to leaving the accommodation. 

  • Passport : Is at your own cost before departure.

  • Travel Insurance: whilst mandatory to join our tour , it is your choice which company you choose but  must be comprehensive and we recommend Covermore Insurance.

  • Visa Fees : where necessary, at your own cost prior to departure 

  • Laundry Costs: Laundry facility's may be available and used at your own cost.

  • Shipping Charges : For the return of purchases  made on tour, or the return of lost property.

  • Covid 19 Vaccinations : To be up to date and paid for by you prior to the tour. 

  • Pre and post tour accommodation and transfers: Only accommodation and transfers during the tour with the group are included and do not included those before or after the tour within your home country or in the country of the tour destination. 


We will not be responsible to you for any other expenses or loss you incur resulting from any amendment or change to the itinerary or its inclusions. 

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