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Australian Womens Travel is a tour operating business, based in South Australia that offers women-only small group tours to two of the world's best destinations. Our tours allow you to truly experience the local culture, history, and food, like no other tours can. With 18 years of experience, we give you the confidence to sit back, relax, and be free to create your lasting memories.

Australian Womens Travel's founder Mary Hamilton-Smith has been running tours to some of the best travel destinations in the world since 2005. Mary has been travelling since her early 20's.


Mary originally put the concept of Australian Womens Travel together as an option for women whose husbands/ partners/friends where not interested in travel. 

The small group works really well, there is a lot of fun and friendships made. We can take our time, eat in small cafes, stop for coffee, see and go and do so many things that large groups can’t or explore places and things you would have never found on your own.

You may have noticed that the two destinations that we specialise in are India and Italy, these are places Mary has been exploring since the early 80's and hopefully her enthusiasm  for these countries will be apparent to you.

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