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Australian Womens Travel : Womens only travel
23 Days | May 10 to June 1 2024 


Join me for a tour that is women's only travel at its best!
Italy, one of the best travel destinations on the planet.
Great history, culture, art, food, wine, fashion, coffee, style, character filled villages, hill towns, beaches, mountains and lakes.


Even if you have visited Italy before there is so much to see, do and experience. 

With our private air - conditioned van, local knowledgeable drivers and my own personal knowledge and experience, this tour will definitely take your personal travel experience to another level and I can take you to places that you would never find on your own! 



DAY 1: Friday – May 10


(* Depending on Flight schedules)

DAY 2: Saturday – May 11

Arrive in Rome the eternal city this morning and take your private transfer to our hotel, where you will be greeted by Mary Hamilton-Smith (or a representative from Australian Womens Travel).

Later in the afternoon we will taxi to the fascinating area of Trastevere where will wander the tiny streets and back alleys of this old and interesting area.

Included: Private transfer from the airport to hotel (On May 22 with group)/ Taxi to and from Trastevere (with group) / Walking tour / Orientation Trastevere / Accommodation.

Not included: Refreshments and items of a personal nature etc.


DAY 3: Sunday – May 12


Today we will be exploring the Vatican!

  • This morning we will be taking a taxi to the Vatican Museum, where we skip the lines with our purchased tickets and explore the wonders on display including the Sistine Chapel.

  • Visit Saint Peters Basilica/Explore St Peters Square

  • Climb to the cupola of St Peters Basilica or take the elevator to the roof.

After our Vatican City adventure Rest of the day free .

Included: Breakfast/Taxi to and from Hotel to St Peters (with group)/Pre purchased entrance to Vatican Museum/Entrance to St Peters Basilica (free)/Ticket to climb to the cupola of St Peters or ticket to take the elevator to the roof of St Peters orientation of St Peters square.

Not included: Refreshments and items of a personal nature etc.


DAY 4: Monday – May 13

NIGHT: ROME            

Today we will follow the footsteps of the ancient Romans.

  • Explore narrow cobbled streets.

  • Peek into some magnificent Baroque Churches.

  • Visit the Colosseum, the largest amphitheater of the Roman Empire and take time to explore.

  • Visit the ruins of the Roman Forum, from which the Caesars ruled their vast empire.

  • Soak up over 2,000 years of history in Arch of Constantine, the Arch of Titus and the Temple of Venus and Roma. 

Included: Breakfast/Taxi to Campo dei Fiori (with group) / Full day orientation in Rome /pre-purchased tickets to visit the Colosseum and Roman Forum / Taxi home from Piazza Venezia (with group) / Accommodation.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments and items of a personal nature etc.

DAY 5: Tuesday – May 14


Today we visit the centre of Rome. 

  • Visit iconic sights like the Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps and the Pantheon.

  • Explore small, cobbled streets, beautiful Piazzas and fantastic shops.

  • End the day in the magnificent Piazza Navona.


Included: Breakfast / Taxi to our day out (with group) / Full day orientation of iconic sites of Rome and Accommodation.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments and items of a personal nature etc.


DAY 6: Wednesday – May 15

Today we will travel to Sorrento in the south of Italy, stopping on route at Pompeii.

Visit Pompeii and explore insights into life here nearly 2,000 years ago. 

  • Discover how Roman citizens lived before Mount Vesuvius erupted in A.D. 79

  • View the excavated Roman ruins of theatres, villas, temples, and baths.

  • Spend the evening in beautiful Sorrento.


Included: Breakfast/ Full day travel with private driver and van/ Entrance tickets and orientation of Pompeii and Accommodation.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments and items of a personal nature etc.


DAY 7:  Thursday- May 16


Free Day:

  • Time to relax or explore.

  • Explore Sorrento's glamorous shops and cafes.

  • Soak up the charming atmosphere.


Included: Breakfast and Accommodation.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments, items of a personal nature etc .


DAY 8: Friday – May 17


Today we travel though the countryside of Umbria, enjoying the vistas on the way to our destination. 

  • On route we will visit the magnificent Unesco heritage Gardens of Villa d'Este, in Tivoli.

  • Orvieto is one of the most striking, memorable, and enjoyable hill towns in central Italy.

  • Delightful, perfectly preserved and virtually traffic-free world.

  • Explore this pristine hill town.


Included: Breakfast / Transfer from Sorrento to Orvieto with private driver and van / Accommodation and Entrance to Villa d'Este Gardens in Tivoli.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments and items of a personal nature etc.

DAY 9: Saturday – May 18


Today we will visit the Unesco heritage hillside town of Assisi. We travel through the beauty of Umbria to the UNESCO heritage site if the hillside town of Assisi, the birthplace of St Francis. 

  • Explore the hillside town of Assisi, perched on the steep slopes of Monte Subasio.

  •  Experience the beautifully fresco-ed Basilica of St Francis.

  • We will start up the top and wander though and (wonder at) this charming town and surrounding  hills.

  • Discover the Minerva Temple with its 1st century ancient colonnaded facade. 


Included: Breakfast / Transfer from Orvieto to Assisi return with private van and driver / Orientation Assisi / Visit to the Basilica of St. Francis and the Minerva Temple and Accommodation.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments and items of a personal nature etc.


DAY 10: Sunday – May 19

Today we travel to Tuscany and to the medieval town of Siena.

  • Explore the town filled with wonders to enjoy, small medieval streets, splendid palaces and piazzas.

  • Visit the famous Siena Cathedral.

  • Watch the sun go down with an aperitif in the extraordinary main Piazza Il Campo, home of the famous ‘Palio’ horse race.

  • Learn about Siena’s fascinating Contrade and revel in the colourful neighborhoods.

  • Enjoy Italy’s finest Gothic architecture and understand how the paint colour ‘Burnt Siena’ gets its name.


Included: Breakfast / Transfer to Siena with private van and driver / Orientation Siena / Entrance ticket to Siena Cathedral and Accommodation.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments and items of a personal nature etc.

DAY 11: Monday - May 20

Today we embrace the medieval charms of Tuscany's hill towns on a full-day exploration of the area from Siena.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery in the Chianti Classico in Tuscany.

  • Visit a medieval monastery with its hidden garden.

  • Enjoy a farm lunch cooked just for us.

  • Visit non-touristy hill towns.


Included: Breakfast / Full day exploring Chianti Classico Tuscany with private van and driver / Farm lunch in Tuscany with wine and Accommodation.

Not included: Dinner, refreshments and items of a personal nature etc.


DAY 12: Tuesday – May 21


This morning we travel through the beautiful Tuscan countryside to Florence.


  • Visit the legendary Florence Cathedral, known as the Duomo.

  • Pass Giotto’s Campanile, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture.

  • Explore the fascinating streets that Michelangelo walked.

  • Visit the spectacular Piazza della Signoria, centre of Florentine life.

  • Visit the National Museum of the Bargello filled with treasures.

  • Enjoy free time to continue exploring Florence on your own.

  • Enjoy an Italian cooking course with dinner and wine.


Included: Breakfast / Transfer Siena to Florence with private van and driver visit to the Duomo (free) / Orientation Florence / Entrance ticket Museum of the Bargello / Italian cooking course with dinner & wine and Accommodation.

Not included: Lunch, refreshments, & items of a personal nature etc.


DAY 13: Wednesday– May 22

Today we visit Florence’s best.


  • Immerse yourself in the best of Italian art at the Uffizi Gallery.

  • Visit the spectacular and memorable Michelangelo’s David.

  • See the medieval Ponte Vecchio.

  • Take in the unique Italian culture of Florence.

  • Visit the Florence market, dripping with leather goods.

  • Free time to wander and explore.


Included: Breakfast / Pre-purchased tickets to the Uffizi Gallery and Michelangelo's David / Visit to the Florence Leather Market and Accommodation.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments and items of a personal nature etc.


DAY 14: Thursday – May 23

Today we arrive at lovely Lucca, hidden behind imposing Renaissance walls, on the way stopping to view the Leaning tower of Pisa.

  • Visit the ‘Field of Miracles’ in Pisa and marvel at the Leaning Tower.

  • Explore the cobbled streets, handsome piazzas and shady promenades of Lucca.


Included: Breakfast / Transfer to Lucca (via Pisa) with private van and driver / Visit to the Field of Miracles to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Accommodation.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments and items of a personal nature etc.


DAY 15: Friday – May 24


Start with a walk along the old city walls, from the panoramic walkway overlooking Lucca city.

  • Discover secret passages, hideaways and ramparts.

  • Free time to wander, shop and explore.

  • We will attend a Puccini recital at the church of San Giovanni this evening. 


Included: Breakfast / Orientation Lucca / Accommodation/Ticket to the Puccini recital at San Giovanni church

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments and items of a personal nature etc.


DAY 16: Saturday - May 25


Today we head to the beautiful Cinque Terre to begin your Mediterranean holiday. Once we arrive and get orientated you can choose to.

Explore the old town of Monterosso al Mare.

  • Wander along the seafront.

  • Rest and relax on our hotels private Bagno (Beach) with the clear blue Mediterranean lapping gently on the shore.

  • Shop until you drop.

  • We will enjoy aperitifs at out hotels tables on the seafront and enjoy dinner at a beach side restaurant. 


Included: Free use of Hotels Beach /Breakfast / Transfer Lucca to Monterosso al Mare (Cinque Terre) with private van and driver and Accommodation.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments, items of a personal nature etc


DAY 17: Sunday – May 26

The Cinque Terre consists of 5 small towns in one of the most uncontaminated areas in the Mediterranean Sea. 


  • Take a ferry across crystal clear waters to visit the cliff hanging villages.

  • Maybe you might like to hike between towns, your choice?

  • Be awed by the villages suspended on sheer cliffs upon the beautiful sea.

  • Wander and explore the tiny lanes and alleyways of these gorgeous villages.

  • Enjoy a coffee or read a book on the seafront of a tiny village.

  • Or spend the day at a Mediterranean beach.


Included: Breakfast / Free use of hotel beach / 1 return fare for ferry, which runs between Cinque Terre towns and Accommodation.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments, items of a personal nature etc. and hiking or train pass.


DAY 18: Monday – May 27
Our stay in enchanting Varenna in Lake Como known as the 'diamond of the lake' is our home for two nights.

Enjoy the unbelievable peace, serenity and beauty of Lake Como.

  • Walk along the lakeside 'passerella', no wonder this has been the haunt of kings and celebrities since ancient times. 

  • Explore the lakeside, picture perfect village of Varenna, with its tiny alleyways and hidden spots to explore.


Included: Breakfast / Transfer from Monterosso al Mare to Varenna (Lake Como), with private van and driver) / Orientation Varenna and Accommodation.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments and items of a personal nature etc.


DAY 19: Tuesday – May 28

Today we visit the 'Pearl of the lake' Bellagio, keep a lookout for George!

Enjoy a ferry ride across the lake to and from Bellagio.

  • Immerse yourself in the pristine beauty of Bellagio.

  • Great views, amazing shopping, fantastic alleyways and hidden corners.

  • Afternoon visit to Villa Monastero gardens on Lake Como, heavenly.

  • Treat yourself to coffee or a drink with perfect lake and mountain views.


Included: Breakfast / Return free ticket Varenna to Bellagio / Orientation Bellagio / Entrance ticket to Villa Monastero gardens and Accommodation.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments and items of a personal nature etc.


DAY 20: Wednesday -May 29


Today we will travel though Italy to the town of Romeo and Juliet,Verona.

We will wander explore and enjoy the many streets, with their medieval buildings and towers, including Piazza Erbe and Piazza Bra.

  • See the extraordinary original Roman Arena.

  • 'Romeo, where for art thou Romeo’, lets visit Juliet's famous balcony.

  • Walk across the famous Castelvecchio Bridge.

  • Join the locals for the evening 'passiegata'.

  • Enjoy stunning shop displays of Italian labels on Verona's ' Golden Mile’, Via Mazzini.

  • Or go shopping, Verona has the most incredible fashion forward shops!


Included: Breakfast / Transfer from Varenna (Lake Como) to Verona with private van and driver / Orientation Verona / Visit Juliet's balcony and Accommodation.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments and items of a personal nature etc.

DAY 21: Thursday – May 30

This morning we will travel to Venice. Perhaps no other city in the world has inspired the many superlatives heaped upon it, by writers and travellers through the centuries.


  • Enjoy a private water taxi ride along the Grande Canal, ala Angelina Jolie style!

  • Enter St Marks Basilica and explore iconic St Mark’s Square.

  • Visit the Doges Palace, built in Venetian Gothic style in 1340.

  • Explore tiny alleyways and be in awe of all that Venetian glass.

  • Enjoy a 35-minute Gondola ride through the back canals of Venice.

  • Enjoys dinners and aperitifs canal side.


Included: Breakfast / Transfer Verona to Venice with private van and driver / Water taxi ride along the Grand Canal from Ferrovia to St Mark’s Square (with group) / Visit the Doges Palace/ Visit to St Marks Basilica  / Orientation Venice / A 35-minute Gondola ride (with group) and Accommodation.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments, items of a personal nature etc. 

DAY 22: Friday – May 31

This morning we get off the beaten track and explore the quiet back streets of Venice.

Enjoy getting away from the tourists, wandering over quiet bridges and canals.

  • Explore the old Jewish Ghetto area of Venice filled with fascination.

  • Enjoy a free afternoon to explore, shop or just sit canal side and enjoys the joys of Venice. 

Included: Breakfast / Orientation old Jewish Ghetto and the quiet backstreets of Venice and Accommodation.

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments and items of a personal nature etc

DAY 23: Saturday – June 1

This morning we depart Venice, our wonderful tour has ended.

*Depending on flight schedules you will arrive home in Australia the next day , or yu may choose to extend your time OS and do some free travel or join another tour.


Included: Breakfast / Transfer as a group to Venice Airport

Not included: Lunch, dinner, refreshments and items of a personal nature etc. private transfer if not departing with group, accommodation or any expense incurred by airline schedules delaying your departure or any expenses incurred if you are required to travel anywhere else to catch a departing flight that connects to your home.




Travel insurance is mandatory to join this tour.

 <img src Italian Pizza in Rome  .jpg” alt=” This is a pizza of a Diavola Pizza served in Rome, Italy, on a table with a red and white check tablecloth”/ >
<img src Red bicycle in Rome  .jpg” alt=” This is a red bicycle, with a basket on the front, leaning against a market stall in Rome, Italy.”/ >
<img src St Peters Basilica at night .jpg” alt=” St Peters  Basilica lit up at night, with a black sky ,Rome, Italy.”/ >
<img src ancient roman bust .jpg” alt=”beautiful mixed stone Roman bust in the Vatican Museum”/ >
 <img src looking down inside St Peters Basilica .jpg” alt=”view from inside the cupola of St Peters Basilica to the inside of the church”/ >
 <img src “outside of the Colosseum .jpg” alt=”a view of the outside of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy  ”/ >
<img src “inside of the Pantheon .jpg” alt=” inside the pantheon in rome, Italy looking up at the roof”/ >
<img src “ Castel St Angelo at night .jpg” alt=” looking across the river Tiber in Rome at the illuminated Castel St Angelo”/ >
<img src “two bronze sculptures of men’s heads .jpg” alt=” two large sculptures of men’s heads at Pompeii, Italy ”/ >
 <img src “a view of Sorrento .jpg” alt=” a view featuring umbrella pines and the sea in Sorrento, Italy”/ >
<img src “a view of the sea and swimming area of Sorrento .jpg” alt=” a view featuring swimming platforms, the sea and the cliffs in Sorrento, Italy”/ >
<img src “Italian garden with water fountain .jpg” alt=” Beautiful fountain in the gardens at Villa D’ este,Tivoli Italy”/ >
<img src “Italian garden with waterfall .jpg” alt=”Beautiful waterfall and pond in the gardens at Villa D’ este, Tivoli Italy”/ >
 <img src “Italian wall garden in Assisi.jpg” alt=”Beautiful wall and doorway of a house in Assisi Italy featuring flower pots and greenery”/ >
 <img src “ St Francis of Assisi’s Basilica  .jpg” alt=”Looking down at the Basilica of St Francis of Assisi , with the sky and surrounding fields ”/ >
<img src “Town Square in Siena, Italy .jpg” alt=”Looking up at the city tower in Siena, Italy , illuminated at night with a black sky behind”/ >
<img src “Interior of Siena Cathedral , Italy .jpg” alt=”Interior photo of Siena Cathedral, featuring striped columns and a stain glass window”/ >
<img src “View of Siena, Italy .jpg” alt=” Looking across the houses of Siena at the Cathedral on the top of the hill “/>
<img src “ Chianti Classico, Tuscany, Italy .jpg” alt=” Large terracotta pot with flowers and a sign with a black rooster outside of a business in Chianti Classico, Tuscany, Italy “/>
<img src “ Looking though archway, Chianti Classico, Tuscany, Italy .jpg” alt=” A view through an archway, looking out to the Tuscan countryside in Chianti Classico, Tuscany, Italy  “/>
<img src “Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, Italy .jpg” alt=” Looking up at the tower of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence in the evening, with a very blue sky I the background “/>
<img src “The Dumo, Florence, Italy .jpg ” alt=” Exterior picture of the Duomo in Florence, with the sun shining on it  “/>
<img src “Bridge across the river, Florence, Italy .jpg ” alt=” Beautiful sunset in Florence, with a bridge across the River Arno  “/>
<img src “Michelangelo’s David .jpg” alt=” Top part of Michelangelo’s David, Florence, Italy “/>
 <img src “Botticelli painting . jpg” alt=” Part of the Botticelli painting the Madonna of the Pomegranate “/>
<img src “Giunigi Tower, Lucca, Italy .jpg” alt=” Top of the Giunigi Tower in Lucca, Italy showing fully grown trees on the top  “/>
<img src “Chiesa di San Michele in Foro, Lucca, Italy .jpg” alt=” Front view of Chiesa di San Micheke in Foro, Lucca “/>
<img src “Statue of Puccini, Lucca, Italy .jpg” alt=” Bronze statue of Puccini sitting in a chair outside a beautiful Palazzo in Lucca “/>
<img src “Monterosso al Mare, Cinque Terre Italy .jpg” alt=” Beautiful view of the beach at Monterosso al Mare in the Cinque Terre, featuring a beautiful rock and deck chairs and striped umbrellas “/>
<img src “Blue & White umbrellas, Monterosso al Mare, Cinque Terre Italy .jpg” alt=” Blue and white striped umbrellas on the beach, with the sea in the background at Monterosso al Mare in the Cinque Terre “/>
<img src “Il Gigante, Monterosso al Mare, Cinque Terre Italy .jpg” alt=” Huge statue of Il Gigante on the beach at Monterosso al Mare in the Cinque Terre “/>
<img src “Beach in the evening, Monterosso al Mare, Cinque Terre Italy .jpg” alt=” Looking out to sea at the beach at Monterosso al Mare in the Cinque Terre, with closed umbrellas, beach chairs and plants “/>
 <img src “Steps leading down to Lake Como .jpg” alt=” Beautiful steps leading down to lake Como from Villa Monastero, Varenna, Italy “/>
<img src “View of Lake Como.jpg” alt=” Sweeping view of Lake Como with trees along the edge, Varenna, Italy “/>
<img src “Bellagio, Lake Como .jpg” alt=” View of shopping street with the lake in the background, Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy “/>
<img src “Street scene, Bellagio, Lake Como .jpg” alt=” Street scene of Roman marbles through an iron fence, Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy “/>
<img src “Juliets Balcony, Verona, Italy” alt=” Photo of Juliets Balcony in a courtyard in Verona, Italy .jpg“/>
 <img src “Arche Scalieri , Verona, Italy .jpg” alt=” Elaborate Gothic style  tombs of the Scalieri  family  in Verona, Italy “/>
<img src “Piazza dei Signori, Verona, Italy .jpg” alt=” Statue of Dante Aligheri in the Piazza dei Signori,  in Verona, Italy “/>
 <img src “Front of a Gondola, Venice, Italy.jpg” alt=” picture of the front part of a Gondola, called the Bow Iron in front of a brick wall in a canal in Venice, Italy “/>
<img src “St Marks Basilica, Venice, Italy.jpg” alt=” Part of St Marks Basilica in Venice, featuring an onion shaped dome and statues on top of spires “/>
<img src “Interior of a Gondola, Venice, Italy .jpg” alt=” Part of the interior of a Gondola in Venice, Italy, featuring red pom poms and a red cushion, with other gondolas in the background “/>
<img src “Gold gondola decoration, Venice, Italy .jpg” alt=” Gold coloured gondola decoration, in the shape of a fish tailed horse of the sea. “/>
<img src “Bronze Roman statue, Italy.jpg” alt=” Roman equestrian statue of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Rome, Italy “/>



TWIN SHARE :  $12,500 AUD (Airfares not included)

PRIVATE ROOM : $13,500 AUD (Airfares not included) 



25% Deposit within 7 days of booking.

50% of remaining amount due 120 days from departure.

Final balance due 90 days before departure.
Pay by direct deposit.



  • Group transfer Rome  Airport to Rome Hotel

  • Rome to Pompeii

  • Pompeii to Sorrento

  • Sorento to Orvieto via Villa D'este, Tivoli

  • Orvieto to Assisi return

  • Orvieto to Siena 

  • Siena to Florence

  • Florence to Lucca via Pisa

  • Lucca to Monterosso al Mare, Cinque Terre

  • Cinque Terre to Varenna, Lake Como

  • Lake Como to Verona

  • Verona to Venice

  • Venice hotel to Venice airport


  • Water Taxi along the Grand Canal - Venice

  • Gondola ride - Venice

  • Return ferry to the five villages - Cinque Terre

  • Return ferry from Varenna to Bellagio- Lake Como

  • Return taxi Vatican City to hotel - Rome

  • Return taxi Trastevere to hotel- Rome

  • Taxi to Campo dei Fiori market - Rome 

  • Taxi from Piazza Venezia to hotel - Rome 

  • Taxi to Piazza del Popolo from hotel- Rome

  • Taxi from Piazza Navona to hotel- Rome

  • Taxi from Largo Argentine to Colosseum- Rome 

  • Vatican Museum ( including the Sistine Chapel) ( Pre purchased)

  • St Peters Basilica

  • Climb to the Cupola of St Peters or take the elevator to the roof

  • Colosseum -Rome (Pre purchased)

  • The Roman Forum ( Pre purchased)

  • The Pantheon -Rome

  • The Duomo- Florence

  • Uffizi Gallery - Florence ( Pre purchased)

  • Museum of the Bargello- Florence

  • Michelangelo's David- Florence (Pre purchased)

  • Doges Palace- Venice ( Pre purchased)

  • Siena Cathedral 

  • Pompeii Archaeology Park

  • One day free use of beach- Monterosso al Mare ( Cinque               Terre ) 

  • Villa d' Este  gardens- Tivoli

  • Day exploring Tuscany, hill towns and lunch

  • Italian Cooking Course with dinner and wine

  • Basilica of St Frances of Assisi

  • Puccini opera recital in the church of San Giovana- Lucca 

  • Villa Monastero gardens - Varenna Lake Como

  • Many and varied other sights 

 All private transfers on our tours are within an air-conditioned vehicle driven by knowledgeable driver.

All private transfers and taxis are included in my tours when in conjunction with the group usage


21 nights’ accommodation in handpicked, character filled hotels that are between 3-4 stars in exceptional locations.

 ROME - 4 Nights | SORRENTO - 2 Nights | ORVIETO- 2 Nights | SIENA- 2 Nights |FLORENCE- 2 Nights |


VERONA- 1 Night | VENICE-2 Nights



  • 20 Hotel breakfasts

  • 1 Tuscan Farm lunch with wine

  • 1 Cooking course with dinner and wine - Florence

  • Welcome Pizza or Pasta meal with one glass of wine - Rome 

 <img src “Pizza, Italy” alt=” Delicious Pizza served in, Rome, Italy “/>


  • I  recommended ( where possible ), that you purchase the same flight as the rest of the tour, and I am happy to organise this for you. However, it is not necessary for this to be the case and you are more than welcome to organise your  own flights to make sure they coincide with the rest of the group,  or you may decide to use a completely different carrier or arrive and depart at a different date and then find your own way to meet up with the group in Rome  and depart from Venice . Should you choose this option please remember that you cannot be included in the Group transfers from the Airport in Rome to our hotel, or from the hotel in Venice to the airport. 

  • We can discuss your options when you book into one of my tours.

  • You must also remember that with Covid many flight schedules are not what they once where so you may have to fly out either to Rome on different dates or from Venice on a different date. You may also have to travel elsewhere to get your connecting flight back.

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