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             Small Group Tours: Travel for Women

Fit to travel ?




  • We have a duty of care to all tour participants and the tour guides, so we do impose a policy on the level of fitness required by all our clients to attempt to ensure your safety and the safety of other travellers on our tours.
  • At Australian Womens Travel, our goal is for all our travellers to enjoy their tour, not struggle through it.  Which is why we want to work with you to ensure you are comfortable. We do reserve the right to refuse bookings if we feel that the requirements of the tour are too demanding.
  • We rely on the information you provide in the Medical Conditions section of the Booking Form and our ‘Fit to Travel?’ form completed as part of your booking request, and as updated as necessary. You warrant that the information you provide is accurate and there are no other medical issues (both physical/mental) that may impact your ability to participate in the tour without the need for special assistance.
  • Australian Womens Travel, reserves the right to exclude any person from a tour if Australian Womens Travel, acting reasonably, is of the opinion that the individual requires special assistance for a condition not previously fully disclosed.  
  • If your circumstances change following your completion of the ‘Fit to Travel?’ form, then you must notify us as soon as reasonably possible, and in any circumstance prior to travel. We reserve the right to cancel your booking if your changed circumstances mean you will require special assistance from Australian Womens Travel personnel during the tour. We suggest that your travel insurance (which you are obliged to have in place under these Terms) includes comprehensive cancellation coverage.
  • Australian Womens Travel will not be liable for any damage, injury, death or loss of any kind arising from your failure to disclose relevant medical information.
  • Australian Womens Travel tours are for independently minded travellers with good levels of mobility.


  1. Lots of walking.
  2. Local and authentic experiences including various modes of transport and accommodation.

FOR TRAVELLERS in India, you can also expect:

  1. Long days of travelling.
  2. Limited medical facilities in remote areas.
  3. No seat belts in vehicles and no padding on seats of Tuk Tuks or similar vehicles.
  4. Possible Interaction with Cows/Bulls/Elephants/Goats/Dogs/Monkeys and other animals.


This disclaimer must be signed and returned to Australian Womens Travel within seven days of booking.


If the information you have provided is incorrect in the view of our tour escorts or Australian Womens Travel and your medical condition impacts the enjoyment of fellow travellers, or places you at risk, you can be removed from the tour. In this instance no refund will be provided for the unused portion of the tour and additional costs may be incurred to rearrange your flights.

Australian Womens Travel require a certain level of health and fitness.

Please ask yourself the following questions. 

When signing this form, you confirm that you are able to.

  • Walk approximately 3-4 kilometers on uneven surfaces without the use of any walking aid, on any given day?
  • Can carry your own luggage unassisted, if necessary.
  • Can walk up multiple flights of stairs and short, steep hills.
  • Can stand for 20 minutes without needing to sit down, often in a hot climate. 
  • Can get on and off various modes of transport without assistance, including small boats. 

I understand that neither your Tour Escort /Australian WomenTravel/Guides/Drivers/Coordinators, nor your fellow travelers

are equipped to act as a carer.

I have read and understood the Australian Womens Travel ‘Fit to Travel? ‘Document

and agree to update this information if my circumstances change prior to travel and to be honest about my medical conditions on my Booking Form.