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             Small Group Tours: Travel for Women


If you have a question that is not covered below, please don't hesitate to call or email.


What type of women travel with Australian Womens Travel?

On every tour we have a variety of women from different walks of life, women who are either married, in a relationship, divorced, widowed and single. Not everyone in our lives shares our interests; therefore we can find ourselves with no one to travel with. Independent travel doesn't appeal, neither does a large tour. Therefore what we offer attracts someone who is attracted to travelling in a small group of women.

How many of the women will be travelling alone?

Most of the women who travel with Australian Womens Travel are travelling alone, however, we do get a few women on some trips that come together - two sisters, a mother/daughter, or two friends, but the majority will be travelling alone. That's what's so great about an all-women's group. You can come by yourself, but won't be by yourself!

Are You a Lesbian Travel Company?
No. While all women are welcome to travel with AUSTRALIAN WOMENS TRAVEL, we are not a lesbian travel company.

What is the average age of the women who travel with AUSTRALIAN WOMENS TRAVEL?
The majority of the women who travel with us are in their 50's and 60's.

Do you get repeat travellers? 
Yes! When women see how much fun it is to travel with other women in a relaxed group setting, with plenty of activities, but still have their independence, they love it and come back again & again, some even on the same trip.

I don't live in Australia can I join your trip?

Yes, you can fly and meet us in the first stop of our tour. The price for main airline tickets will be taken off of your price so you can spend that on getting your own tickets from your departure point.

I don't live in Adelaide - do I have to fly there to join your trip?

No, we usually have women from all over Australia join out tours. Our goal is to arrange your flight from your closest capital city in Australia and we meet up with you at the Singapore Airport or the first the destination.

Can I use my frequent flyer points?

Yes it is possible in most cases, however, it is important that your flights line up with those of the rest of the group, otherwise if you miss a shuttle or other connection, you will have to pay that extra yourself.

Can I extend my trip or go ahead of the group?

Yes we can arrange your flights and organise pre/post flight travel arrangements, or you can arrange your own. 


What is the typical group size? 
I guarantee no more than 8 travellers ( plus 1 or 2 escorts)

Is the group together all the time or is there time to explore on my own?    

 I design my tours to include a balance of structured time planned activities included in the cost of the tour, with time to explore on your own or with the other women if you choose.

If I have already travelled to the destinations on your trips and I don't want to take part in an excursion can I do my own thing?

Definitely, just tell us what you don't want to do and we will take the cost off of your trip total so that you can put it towards what you would like to do (Perhaps a cooking or art class) the choice is yours! However, you are responsible for all costs associated with your own choice of activity's (the activity itself and getting too and from it, as well as any other associated expenses).  


What type of hotels do you stay in? 

I choose hotels as close to the centre of town and activities as possible, balancing that with room rates. Our choices are always clean & well maintained, we stay in hotels that reflect the charm and culture of the country, and we use Trip Advisor to get unbiased revues. All hotel rooms will have a private bathroom with toilet. We will put a maximum of two women to a room–each with twin beds.


We will provide you a roommate unless:

            - You tell us you want to room with someone in particular, or

            -  You elect to pay the additional cost for a private room.

How do you match roommates?

Your roommate will be close in age (where possible) to you, so that you'll already have some things in common. Sharing a room can save you money, but if you're concerned your roommate might snore, come prepared with ear plugs and vice versa. We always check in with the group as we are going along and often change roommates each time we change hotels. All of this is put to the group, in order to make the best experience for each individual. Some people choose to stay with their roommate the whole time. It just all evolves as the tour continues.

Will I know who my roommate is before the trip?

Yes a list of everyone going on the trip, along with roommate assignments, is included in the Traveller's Information Package, sent out about three weeks before departure. You will have your roommate's email address and phone number. We encourages roommates to contact each other before the trip by phone. Five minutes on the phone chit-chatting about the upcoming trip will put you both at ease! 


I haven’t shared a room in a long time. Should I get a single room? 

This is a personal choice. Single rooms are available on most trips. A single room does cost more, and a few women on every trip will choose a single room. However, most will share a room with another traveller.

If you have some anxiety around the idea of sharing a room, here are some things to keep in mind:

1.   You’re only sharing a room:  You can spend as little or as much time with your roommate as you wish. There is not expectation that roommates spend time together if they don’t want to.

2.  It’s your responsibility to come prepared:  If your concern is that your roommate might snore, bring earplugs, a sound machine, or other strategy to insure you can sleep.

3.  Consider the Positive:  Getting to know a woman that you might never ordinarily meet can be just as interesting as the destination you are about to experience—and you might make a new lifelong friend!

4.  Worried for Nothing:  We hear from many women after travelling who tell us that all their worrying was for nothing. The roommate experience was a good one and they would do it again.


How do I make a booking? 

To make a booking please email me at  or call us on: 0405 228 560 and indicate your intention. I will need to find out some details about what you would like to do and what options you may want to take up, things like that. From there I will send you a Tax Invoice with the cost of your trip stated on there and my bank details, so you can pay your deposit. I will also email or post you a Booking Form, which you will fill out and return to me. Once the deposit has been paid, you will have secured your place on the tour. Just sit back and let me do all the work!


How much of a deposit do I have to pay?

You will need to pay a deposit of 25% of the total cost of the tour to hold your booking, the remainder to be paid in two more increments on the dates supplied at time of booking, however, if you book in to a tour within 4 months of departure the full amount will need to be paid. You will also need to take out Travel Insurance once you have booked in, this needs to be done as soon as possible to cover yourself. We can also arrange all your travel insurance needs in house within Fast Cover 1. 

I don't have a current passport? 

While it will be necessary to have a passport with at least 6 months left on it before the tour starts. It is not necessary to have one at the time of booking, although I recommend that you apply for it. Once you receive your passport you can pass on the details of it to me.

What if I get sick and can't go?

Your travel insurance should protect you should you need to cancel through unforeseen illness, (or at least a large percentage of it, this will depend on the company you use and the amount you are insured for) and whether it is a pre-exisiting condtion.


How do I know what to pack, what the weather will be like and who my roommate will be? 

Prior to departure, all travellers will receive their Traveller's Information Package. This package communicates all the final information about the tour, weather, packing, and roommate assignments. It includes things such as where to meet upon arrival, a list of all the women on the tour with roommate assignments and everyone’s email, phone number and flight schedules. You will also given the addresses and phone numbers for the hotels and other important details relevant to the trip.

Can I stay after the tour is over?

Yes, although your tour includes your flight back to Australia, we can help you book your ongoing travel should you wish to stay on once the tour with AUSTRALIAN WOMENS TRAVEL is over and come home at a later date.
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