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             Small Group Tours: Travel for Women


Mary Hamilton-Smith

Owner / Operator: Australian Womens Travel

" My name is Mary Hamilton-Smith and I own and operate Australian Womens Travel and have been running small group tours for women, to some of the best travel destinations in the world since 2005.

I only take 10 women, plus there is myself and usually one other person from AWT.

I originally put the concept of Australian Womens Travel together as an option for women whose husbands/ partners/friends where no longer where interested in travel.

The choices for a woman on her own are quite limited, as in all honesty who wants to travel on their own, not even me, as sharing wonderful times and adventures is part of the joy.

The other option of joining a large tour group of 40 or 50 people does not really appeal, as it is so impersonal and you are extremely limited with what you can see and do.

The small group works really well, there is a lot of fun and friendships made, as I said before everything is better when shared!

We can take our time, eat in small cafes, stop for coffee, see and go and do so many things that large groups can’t or explore places and things you would have never found on your own.

I do hope that one day you may choose to join me.

I have a passion for travel and I personally escort all of my tours.

I have been traveling since my early 20's and have not stopped (on and off) since. Travel is my business, my passion and my hobby. ( The photos on this page show me on one of my early journeys to India, in 1983).

Everything I do has something to do with travel, whether it is doing it for myself or helping other people. So it is not surprising that I have found myself doing what I do.

I’m totally fascinated by the world and all it has to offer.

I love history, culture and Italian Renaissance Art, beautiful objects, beautiful architecture, music & fun!
<img src="australian womens travel.jpg alt=womens travel, mary in varanasi, india  in 1983 "
<img src="australian womens travel.jpg alt=womens travel, mary in venice in 1983 "

I started the business in 2005 called Orionwomen Travel and in 2011 changed the name to Australian Women’s Travel.

I have become very clear about what it is I want to do and where my own passion lies in regards to travel and only take tours to places I myself feel passionate about sharing.

You may have noticed that the two destinations that I specialise in are India and Italy  These are places I have been exploring myself since the early 80's , and hopefully the enthusiasm that I have for these countries will be apparent to you all!

Venice 1980's

I do love life and have a very optimistic approach to most things, love a laugh, sit around chatting over a few glasses of wine or some good coffee.

Love people watching in the countries we visit and enjoy immersing myself in the culture.

When travelling overseas, the minute I go though customs, I surrender and eat their food, listen to their music and experience the good and the bad.

Taj Mahal 1980's 

<img src="australian womens travel.jpg alt=womens travel, Taj Mahal, Agra, india ">