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             Small Group Tours: Travel for Women


Mary Hamilton-Smith

Owner / Operator: Australian Womens Travel

" My name is Mary Hamilton-Smith and I own and operate Australian Womens Travel and have been running small group tours for women, to some of the best travel destinations in the world since 2005.

I have a passion for travel and I personally escort all of my tours.

I have been traveling since my early 20's and have not stopped (on and off) since. Travel is my business, my passion and my hobby. ( The photos on this page show me on one of my early journeys, in 1983).

Everything I do has something to do with travel, whether it is doing it for myself or helping other people. So it is not surprising that I have found myself doing what I do.

I’m totally fascinated by the world and all it has to offer.

I love history, culture and Italian Renaissance Art, beautiful objects, beautiful architecture, music & fun!

I started the business in 2005 called Orionwomen Travel and in 2011 changed the name to Australian Women’s Travel.

I have become very clear about what it is I want to do and where my own passion lies in regards to travel and only take tours to places I myself feel passionate about sharing.

You may have noticed that two of the trips I offer contain France & Italy, the other trip I run is to India. These are places I have been exploring myself since the early 80's , and hopefully the enthusiasm that I have for these countries will be apparent to you all!

I do love life and have a very optimistic approach to most things, love a laugh, sit around chatting over a few glasses of wine or some good coffee.

Love people watching in the countries we visit and enjoy immersing myself in the culture.

When travelling overseas, the minute I go though customs, I surrender and eat their food, listen to their music and experience the good and the bad.

Shannon Smith


"My name is Shannon Smith and I am Marys daughter, I have inherited my love of travel and have assisted on a number of tours since 2012.